Registering the wrong keystroke presses

I’m trying to automate a lot of excel processes using keyboard shortcuts and I noticed that the keystrokes input command will end up making compounded errors. i.e.
If I record compounded key presses like ctrl+space or alt+h over a couple of times, the next time if I want to record a single key press like {{ENTER}}, the recorded key presses end up something like (Ctrl+space+{{ENTER}}) or (alt+h+{{ENTER}}).

When this happens I restart Studio and the problem is fixed but I shouldn’t need to resort to closing the application.

Hi @tinwy what version of RPA Express are you using?

It looks very similar to a bug that we had in the previous version, but have fixed for 2.2.

Ok great! I’m still using the older version 2.1.0 that explains it.

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