Relative Scrapping


i have WPF application & have list of drop downs say A,B & C - how can i select value from specific drop down say B using workfusion as we are not having any other property then image capture here (i cant relay on X-Y Coordinates)


@jkhakhriya - please see the following topic -


Thanks but how i can select any value from drop down as per provided via variable - say drop down as 1,2,3 & i want to select values based on value provided in my variable ?

  1. Click on dropdown using image
  2. start typing the option
  3. Hit ENTER


sorry i could have mentioned it before - in my case i have list with checkbox & no typing option search


can i access any Selectors or WPF paths in workfusion or can i click based on text provided ? because that’s only thing i can see which will solve my problem


currently RPA Express does not support WPF selectors. This feature is planned to be introduced in late 2017 - early 2018