Rename or create new files on windows

Please provide me a solution or workaround for handle this scenario related to Folders.

  • There are file location in a example.


  • There are around 50 file location with ebank_se1 to ebank_se50.
  • Last file is “201701” this is change each and every month, in example
    2017 January - File name has to be 201701
    on 2017 Feb -File name have to rename t0 201702 … etc
    – So how to Handel and implement this script using RPA express ???

I was searching for something related to date formatting but looks like there is no feature that allows you to manipulate date values as strings as of now.

See this

I developed a Excel Macro :smiley:

Cool… would you mind sharing it . will be a temporary solution to everyone.

Sure Bro,
This the excel macro that I wrote,
File Rename.rar (23.8 KB)


thank you… your idea of using excel has opened up a new way to solve many such limitations.

My requirement was to get the date in DD-MMM-YYYY format. and I did it like this.

  1. Launch Excel
  2. Enter text =Today()
  3. Move right, enter formula
    =TEXT(A1, “dd-mmm-yyyy”) that formats the value
  4. copy to variable.
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