Reply over email which was used to trigger the business process

Hi All,

I have one bot task which is used to check mailbox. If particular conditions are satisfied it starts the main process. But now I have a requirement to reply to the same email after some steps and satisfy some condition.

Can you please suggest me how to meet this requirement?
One approach I know is to leave the email open when it was read, then reply to the same. Window title can be helpful to identify. But is there any better approach to do it?


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Hello @Atul.
Do you have any conditions when bot should reply to the email? Do these conditions change during execution of your script? I mean, for example, you need to reply to the email in case of some status is true, but if it’s false, no need to reply.

Hello @Lera, Yes I have condition that decides to reply or not.

Hi, Any updates?

Hello @Atul.
I think your approach is fine. For more flexibility, I can advise to store email subject in a variable and then when condition is met, search this email in Outlook and open it only in case of you need it.

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