Request to add feature to manually input keystroke combinations values

Now the RPAe captures key actions when you press the keyboard, it should also allow us to manually input the key combination values into the Enter Keystroke action.

Thank you!

Hi @yangyanz
do you mean you need to be able to type in the combination using letters on the keyboard rather than press the key combination?

yes, it is

@yangyanz it seems like it can be more complicated than the existing solution.
Do you have any issues with recording key combinations now?

Alt+F4 cannot be captured

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Yes it is having an issue instead of capturing the key combination, it is closing that key combination capturing window.

Alternate only solution now is through recording the process flow.


Please give an option to enter the key combinations manually in the upcoming updated RPAe versions if possible.

Thanks in advance.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@aravindhan_mr @yangyanz yes, we know about this issue with Alt+F4. We are planning to fix it for one of the future releases.
You can use this workaround till then

I’ve added it to the list of feature requests.

Please vote for this topic to help us prioritize.