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I have to schedule to send a birthday email on every day. So I have a html template, and during the RPA execution i need to pump Name and Image into the html code base and send it to a user and others.How can I handle this kind of scenario???

hi @Lasitha_Wijenayake,

you can use one of the following approaches:

  • custom forms and variables in Outlook


  • keep your html code in a variable and use the Constant Value or Replace Text action to substitute your ${name} and ${image} placeholders for real

Afterwards you can use any email client to send your html code.

Here we have a topic covering how to send emails in bot tasks:

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Thanks @azinchuk

This solution is only available with WF SPA

No, it is available for RPAx also. All the code samples are on forum

But other plugins’ comprehensive docs are available only to SPA customers or WorkFusion partners.

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