Retrieve data from n cells in Excel and use (loop)


I still couldn’t understand how the get size works, I read an excel file of two lines, but the size got result 1.

Get value action only gets you the value of one single cell. Are the two line you mentioned in two different cells?

I read your previous comment. By the looks of it, you want to read all the items in the column. For that you should save the get column © to a list variable and then use for loop to access the elements of the column one by one.

I have attached a demo excel file and rpae file.
Save the excel file to your desktop and change the location of the spreadsheet to yours.

test.xlsx (7.8 KB) (1.1 KB)

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the tip!
I was not picking this “element” to make it work!

I have an additional question:
How do I retrieve for example Cells A5 and A6 and create a file name “A5” & " - " & “A6” & “.xlsm”? I need to save those “element” with different namings… so eventually I will have element1 and element2 in the same For each “element” action?


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Use Constant Value action to create the filename

You need to use index to point to a particular cell value.

Thank you!!

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