Retrieve specific keywords from websites




Is there anybody that can provide me with the Action Flow to perform the following task:

I have a ready list of URL on Excel,

  1. Enter browser
  2. Go to URL
  3. Ctrl + f “apple”
  4. Need help with this part: If yes - meaning the word “Apple” is on the page, then go to excel and select Apple
  5. Need help with this part: If no - meaning the word “Apple” is not on the page, then go to excel, leave the space blank
  6. Continue to the next URL

This is a simple task, but I am having trouble automating this. Thank you for helping, I really appreciate whoever is helping me here.

Xin Lerk


@xinlerk.tan please post here your sample recording and tell us where are you stuck.

To find a substring “Apple” you can use our text actions:


Hi Azinchuk,

Thank you for getting back so promptly. I have messaged you privately for the sample recording.

As for substring “Apple”, I need to add ‘Conditions’ after searching for the keyword, so that RPA will know to select some information on my Excel sheet.


No problem - you can use -


Hi Sasha, it does not really help in my situation of finding a word on a webpage, and performing an action if a specific word is present.

  1. You can send CTRL + A to a web page
  2. CTRL + C
  3. Clipboard to String variable, e.g. ${website_text}
  4. Use Text action on the ${website_text} variable