Retrieving multiple reports from a website with inputs from a file


I have an application where a data scientist needs to select from a list of reports to be downloaded from a website. These reports are stored in an excel file. What i need to do is as follows:

  1. Open excel and create a list of reports required
  2. For each report in the list
    a. log onto website and generate report
    b. Switch to “save as” window and save generic report
    c. Rename report and move to server
  3. Create a message that all reports are generated

The problem is that website actions cannot be nested inside a “For each” loop so I don’t know how to pass the appropriate parameters to the bot so that each report is generated. Also, the site is so complex I need xPaths to navigate properly (images don’t work reliably enough) so opening a website and doing the task using actions is also not working well.

Is this something I should be doing using control tower? Is there some other way of approaching this problem that I have not thought of?

Any direction appreciated.

I should add for clarity - the excel file is a list of the report names that are required to be generated. The user goes to this excel list and selects those reports they want which builds a requirement list for the bot.

Bot then imports this list of required reports and carries out the actions above (or should!).

Hi Owen, why can’t you use web actions inside a “For each” loop?

Hi Alesia

I have discovered an odd issue relating to how I build scripts. I have always build web actions “standalone” before trying to embed them in loops and for some reason certain actions prevent a drag-and-drop into a for-each loop. For example - in this small example when I added the mouse-click by xPath action I can no longer drag the website group into the for-each loop:

If I delete the mouse click action I can now move everything else into the for-each loop.

Because of this I had always assumed that website actions could not be nested in a for-each!

Owen, I will forward this issue to our development team to fix it. Does it happen only with the mouse click action?

I only found it with mouse click but I didn’t really do a huge amount of testing. Just enough to be sure it wasn’t me doing something wrong (again!)

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Thanks. We’ll investigate and fix it.

@Bonnero this issue has been fixed in the new version 2.2.