Retry functionality in WorkFusion Recorder

Here is my use case: I want to loop through a list and extract data from a web element. In this scenario, there is a chance of failure while extracting the data. In that case,i want the automation to try extracting the data 2 more times before completely failing out. How can i automate this scenario in the recorder? Should i use the retry functionality - how would that work? or any other way of automating this?

also, in some cases the value could be blank and whenever i use the condition if the extracted string is empty, perform an activity. Whenever i run it and the value is empty, the automation after going through the if case thinks that it is not empty even after trimming the extracted empty value. What could be the reason?

Thanks in advance for the help!

I would probably just go ahead and nest the Exception Handling functions (put another Exception Handling within the “If an exception occurred” section).

I’ve had luck using the “is empty” and “is not empty” criteria. Is it possible the “empty” value you are extracting is actually a single space? Maybe try that in your logic?