Robot Keeps closing my window (IE) after it is complete

I have created a robot and it runs smoothly, however once it is complete it closes the window and I want it to remain open so I can work from there.

Any known solutions?


Did you try setting the close-on-completion attribute to false?

i have not! where is that located?

It is an attribute on the robot tag.

Example: <robot name="roboticsDriver" driver="chrome" close-on-completion="false" start-in-private="true">

So I found the robot tag and It already had “false” written

Are you using “web actions” in your script? These close the browser when finished. If you need a persistent browser you can open the application using key actions in a “Window” to carry out other tasks.

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I switched to “open application” and moved all the actions under a “window” action and the problem still persist. However, it is in internet explorer.

You need to change the settings in the recorder not to close windows after script completion.

Yea I saw that but whether that box is checked or not that setting does not affect open application. The default is also for it to be unchecked.

If IE closes when you use Launch Application, you can open it through Win + R. In this case, it should stay open.