Robotic flow error in WF Studio

Hi Team,

I am using WF Studio and running the bot config with robotic flow. It seems nodes are not available. It runs first time and after wards on each execution of bot config(with Robotic flow), we get below error. I have installed latest version of RPAExpress 2.2.3.

When we try to manually run hud and node, the window is getting closed automatically.

11:41:16 [INFO] Error forwarding the new session Request timed out waiting for a node to become available.

	<robot name="trial" driver="chrome" close-on-completion="false" start-in-private="true">
			/* driver = trial.getWrappedObject() */

			String url = ""
			/* String content = driver.getPageSource()
			sys.defineVariable("content", content) */
			log.warn("Opening website...")
            log.warn("The website {} was opened.", url)
            log.warn("Enter email...")
            log.warn("The email is entered.")
            log.warn("Enter password...")
            log.warn("The password is entered.")
            /*"Making screenshot...")
            authorizationDataScreen = driver().getScreenshotAs(OutputType.BYTES) */
            log.warn("Starting authorization...")
            $(byXpath("//ul[contains(@class,'nav navbar-nav')]/li[5]/a")).click();
            $(byXpath("//ul[contains(@class,'nav navbar-nav')]/li[5]/ul/li[2]/a")).click();
            driver = trial.getWrappedObject()
            String content = driver.getPageSource()
			sys.defineVariable("content", content)

		<var-def name="table">
			<xpath expression="//*[@class='table table-striped']">
					<var name="content" />
        <log level="INFO" message="${table}"></log>

		import groovy.json.JsonOutput;
           	def list = new XmlSlurper().parseText(table.toString())                         //Parse XML code to simple Groovy object
			def headers = list.thead.'*'.th                                                 //Get all headers from the table
			//'*' - this construction is equal to “//*” in XPath
			log.debug("List " + headers)
			log.debug("Size " +
			List tableList = []                                                             // Create a list for saving maps with row information
			for(int i = 1; i<; i++){                                    //Loop, that receives an identifier for all rows in the table, except headers
                Map row = [:]                                                               // Create a Map for saving information about row
                for(int j = 0; j <[i].td.size(); j++){                          //Loop, that receives an identifier for all columns in the row
          [i].td[j].toString())                                        //Add a value from the current row and column to the Map
            //tableList.add(row)                                       //Convert this Map to Json and add to the List                   
        sys.defineVariable("output", tableList.toString())                            // Define variable with a Json list in the XML space

Hi @jbora try restarting the Bot Manager in the Tray menu, make sure the bot is started and play the bot task again.

@ashapkina I am facing the same issue in workfusion studio while running bot tasks. I have tried all the solutions available on forum. Any help?

@NamrataH what setup do you have, with 1 bot (local) or with several bots?

@ashapkina I have set up with 1 bot(local). Recordings work well but when I try to execute bot tasks(xml) first time it executes without any error (like after restarting the studio) and afterwards I get this error…

@here… Still facing the same issue frequently. Any help?

@here…I am facing this issue very frequently. One thing I noted that whenever the driver is desktop this issue is there and for other drivers like chrome or internet explorer it just works fine.
@ashapkina Any help …much needed. Thanks in advance.