RPA 2.3.x, server is not starting

The toggle button is toggling, but the server is not starting.

Install is local, Windows 10 Pro.

Hello @dguntamukalla

Could you please clarify your RPA Express version? You can check it via Control Panel.
Do you get any exception while starting it? Please be informed that it takes time to start server components, depending on your system properties.

The version is 2.3.1. Yes I understand that the server takes time to start. However, even after 10-15 minutes there is no response.
I had no exception.

Please advise how to check in control panel.

So it’s just keep loading like this?
Could you please share a screenshot of your system properties?

@dguntamukalla do you still have this issue with starting the application?

No I got another version of installer, that I was able to run, and things are working fine.

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