RPA Express 1.1.2 not working



I installed the Workfusion 1.1.2. When I execute the program , I get this error-



please, check as described here


I have done all the mentioned steps but BOT manager does not work for 1.1.2


please send the application logs as described here


I have sent the log as mentioned in the link. Could you please look at it as priority basis, no work can be done till this is resolved.


Hi, @sampad_das_PwC2
I checked your logs, and did not find any errors

  1. Please, try to reload the RPAe.
    Click on “Exit” in tray menu
    Then start it again

  2. Start Bot manager, and try to play recording.
    If it fails, please open any Web browser, and check whether or not this page is available

  1. No it did not start.

  2. the page is not avilable


Hi sampa_das_PwC2,

I had faced the same error message sometime back. it was due to my machine not connected to the internet. Not sure why RPA Express requires working internet connection, but when I tried executing a working bot whilst I was offline, it failed with same error message. Once I was online it worked fine.


Exactly the same thing happened to me just now. Was about doing a demo at an offsite place using rpae but cannot get the bot working. After spending about 20 mins troubleshooting, was guess it’s due to internet connection. Used my hotspot to connect to mobile network and finally get it working,

Same question here:

Why need internet access to get the bot manager running?


@BShanbhag_D, @Qi_Zhou_Singtel, @sampad_das_PwC2, @purnaganeshd

Bot Manager does not require the Internet connection, it needs a network interface up and running.

Can you try the workaround below and report, if the issue is fixed with that?


I receive the same error. How can I run the bot that runs on a citrix machine ? I’ve tried using Microsoft Loopback Adapter, but the problem is the same.


Please, provide the specs of your Cintrix machine and the Control Tower logs as describedin https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Troubleshooting#expand-ControlTowerlogs


I have given up hope.Waiting for the next release and hope it works !


In your case, it might be caused by Antivirus or firewall settings. You should talk to your IT department.
Files that start robots (bat files) for some reason are not executed on your machine