RPA Express 1.1.5 issues


Another issue which was not in version 1.1.4 but has been observed in version 1.1.5.

If “Enter keystrokes” option has “Type text” value with “back slash” character as a part of content, it results in following error:

Caused by: org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
Script3.groovy: 2: unexpected char: ‘’ @ line 2, column 21.
sendKeys("C:\ParentFolder\ChildFolder\image1.jpeg ");

Please refer attached image and error log for reference:

Error Log:
KeyboardAction_ErrorLog.txt (4.0 KB)

Workaround: Replace “single backslash character” with either “double backslash character” or “single front slash character”.

Workfusion team, please look into the issue!


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thanks for posting the workaround. Development team is looking for solution.


with so many issues in 1.1.5 and OCR licenses expired in 1.1.4 and all previous versions, I am totally stuck!

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@amashentsev could yon extend the OCR licenses validity since there is already a 10K limit on it? at least normal user as me can still use the current version.

is there an expected timeline for the fixes?

now we can use old version due to OCR issue and the new version is not usable for old scripts and with so many issues! though this is a free product, i think a MVP still needs to be there!

I am also facing issues with loop on 1.1.5. I have not done extensive testing but it looks like the nested while somehow hangs.

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Trying to run my process in 1.1.5 it stops (freezes) randomly in different steps every second time I execute it. Then I need to force-close RPAx and launch it again.

After closing I get this message:


The same process ran fine in 1.1.4

@timriewe Yes this is another issue and same experience at my end as well.

Hope the next release has the fix for this issue too, as specified by @amashentsev in the following post:


the problem with Recorder hangup is solved in the new release of 1.1.5. Please update your version.

Hi @amashentsev, thank you for the update! I have executed a few of my recordings and can confirm that the hangup error has been resolved.

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I also have a similar issue. I have a script which used to work properly in 1.1.4. I have a “Replace Text Action” replacing “$” with “$” before I insert the text into an Excel cell. This action worked with the previous version with no problem.

Now, I’m getting errors about escaping the dollar sign. I have also tried using “$”, but then it adds another backslash to it and gives the same error.

Any guidance is highly appreciated.

@payam_bahreyni Well as a workaround, you can use following approach:

While using “Replace Text” operation use variables instead of the direct text ($) i.e you can use something like this:
In “Text to find” option: ${search_text_variable}
In “Replace with” option: ${replace_text_variable}

Where ${search_text_variable} = “$” and ${replace_text_variable} = “$”

This will enables the values with “$” as a character in it, to be successfully saved in Excel Cell Values.



In for each loop not able to fetch item

can anyone help

Hello Workfusion Team,

Can you send me the link to get the 1.1.4 version ? I have a demonstration to perform next week, the the version 1.1.5 is not stable. I erased my olf 1.1.4.



I have installed the updated code but the Help, Welcome page on RPA Recorder is still empty, I assume this will now be fixed in the 1.1.6 release?
Do I need to wait for this to complete the RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started course or can someone add the url for the content please?


Hello Team,

I finally found a 1.1.4 file and re-installed it. I lost the script done in 1.1.5 but the scripts done in previous version are fines.
@development team, the “loop bug” with Excel libraries is not only with the loop, but I get it with the if/else command. I built a script with several If/else to do a similar action of the loop command… and a got the similar bug…
Good luck and you will make a happy man as soon you will fix the bug… maybe with the 1.1.6 version

Note - I have the same “” issue when I use the clipboard command and the variable used has a “” in it,

Same issue with 1.1.5. when using loop with EMPTY or “” condition eg. While(cell_data is NOT empty) or While (cell_data !="")
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Required argument ‘rightOperand’ is missing.

Also, the recorder hangs when using Loops with several If/Else inside it.

Can somebody give us a link to download 1.1.4?

I am getting exactly the same within a while loop. It processes the Excel steps correctly once but the second time it runs through the same loop it gives the same error that a variable does not exist (although it does exist).

This is a show stopper for another one of my processes with version 1.1.5. Out of 6 processes I had working with 1.1.4 only 3 still work.


Hello team,
I am using the latest RPA Express version 1.1.5 to read an excel file and put the values in List variable following instructions in this post. I found that the recorder is not generating getCell/setActiveCell call when GetCellValue or SetActiveCell is inside a loop. If these actions are outside the loop the getCell/setActiveCell call is generated.

Generated groovy
code.txt (2.6 KB)

this issue will be fixed in 1.1.6