RPA Express 1.1.6 is rolled out

Hi there,
We’re happy to announce that we have released the latest RPA Express update, and, once again, the improvements we made were a direct result of your feedback. Please keep it coming!

RPA Express 1.1.6 - Top 2 Feature Updates:

Updated Control Tower: Control Tower has been upgraded to the 8.4 version enabling the new Business Processes List.
Improvements in Recorder: refactored algorithm of switching between windows and auto-escaping for the Enter Keystrokes action.

RPA Express 1.1.6 contains a number of major fixes of the issues reported for RPA Express 1.1.5, such as Loops in Excel, OCR anchor area and the others.

Read more about all updates for 1.1.6 in our release notes.

How to Upgrade:

  1. Uninstall the current version of RPA Express. Don’t worry—all of your previous recordings and work will still be there after you upgrade.
  2. Use the download link from the registration email to download the latest copy. If you don’t have the link, go to our registration page and re-register to get it.
  3. Click the Download RPA Express button. The file is a bit big (2.6 GB) so please be patient. Complete the install, and you’re ready to go.

The WorkFusion RPA Express Team

Hi Team,

My Previous recording of version 1.1.4 is unable to run on 1.1.6

getting Error as “Cannot load recording file filname.rpae”

Unable to read file.

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Hi there,

last week after releasing RPA Express 1.1.6, our users reported some issues, which were considered as major. Mostly, the issues were related to the Excel, for example, failures of loops, incorrect functioning of the Set active cell action and error while using the Get/set cell action in an empty row.

Additionaly, the release contains a fix for the issue with migration to the new version of Control Tower, when the sample or previously created projects cannot be open in Control Tower. Please note, that the “Account Payable” process still has got some issues and cannot be run.

Please, re-download and re-install your version of RPA Express.

The WorkFusion RPA Express Team


Is the download link same as we got initially for 1.1.6?

Yes, same link is fine.


I tried re-installing this but I am still getting same issues.

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Unable to view process flow in RPA Express 1.1.6 control tower.
Please find attachment and provide the fix.