RPA Express 1.1.9 is rolled out

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to announce that the RPA Express 1.1.9 is finally out and available for download!
Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Here are top updates in RPA Express 1.1.9:

  • New OCR License - the new OCR license will be valid till April 1st, 2018;

  • Performance improvement for Recorder’s playback actions, namely Loops, Text, Files and Folders actions;

  • Updated Tray menu - we have changed the design of the tray menu according to your suggestions and feedback;

  • Controls Tower, Platform Monitor and S3 File Storage now open in the default browser.

Read more about version 1.1.9 in the release notes.

How to Upgrade:

  1. Uninstall the current version of RPA Express. Don’t worry — all of your previous recordings and work will still be there after you upgrade.
  2. Use the download link from the registration email to download the latest copy. If you don’t have the link, go to our registration page and re-register to get it.
  3. Click the Download RPA Express button. The file is a bit big (2.38 GB) so please be patient. Complete the install, and you’re ready to go.

Thank you,
RPA Express Team

Hi @ashapkina,

Do you guys realise that the downloads site is not currently responding?


Hi Nick,
Yes, thank you for reporting, we are working on fixing it already.
Sorry for inconvenience.


@nick_gushlowva the download site works now.

@ashapkina thanks, downloading now. :smile:

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Great !!


Hi Alesia

As I update new version of workfusion, some features stop responding.

Like “Open Website” not working


Hi Team,

Can you please make it available through Peer to Peer networks Such as Torrent?

People with slow network speeds facing issues such as corrupts in downloaded file.

It would be helpful to many people with less network bandwidth if it is available in torrent.


Hi @ashapkina

Downloaded the RPA Express via link shared, it shows

timestamp=Fri 11/17/2017 6:56:38.71

That version is also failing to get installed despite disabling AV. Installation rollbacks right after copying all the file and after checking Firewall Configuration.

Log files are sent via email

Please check

Thanks Sanjay


Open Website not working in Firefox

Open Website working in IE but web element not working.

Open website working in Google Chrome but had the following issues:

  • Opening browser error
  • If open in second attempt then when submit the form, the browser automatically closed and getting error in further actions.



Hi Sanjay,
We re-checked the download. Everything is correct (build 431, version 1.1.9).
Probably, you accidentally looked up the previous RPAExpressInstaller archive?

Please check again.


Hi Kishore,
Unfortunately, we cannot make RPAx available through a peer to peer network, but we are working on improvements to installer that will help solve the issues related to the large archive size.
We will introduce them in one of the future releases.


Hi Ajay,
Our support team is working on your issue now.
Thank you for your patience.



Thanks Alesia