RPA Express 1.2.0 hot fix is released!

We have released a hot fix for RPA Express version 1.2.0.

Fixed bugs:

  • Scrollbars didn’t work in the Recorder variables panel
  • Variables item (row, column) were not recognized in several action in Recorder
  • Business processes containing loops with variable “item” failed in Control Tower

Known issues:

  • Cannot delete value of the String type variable. Workaround: change the type of the variable to any other type, then change it back to String.

  • Cannot exit variable editing mode after getting a validation error. Workaround: press ESC.

Read how to install the new build in the original post RPA Express 1.2.0 is rolled out!

Due to necessary changes in Control Tower, the variable “item” can no longer be used in recordings. It has been replaced by the variable “element” in RPA Recorder.

Please update your recorders accordingly.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you,
RPA Express Team

Thanks for the hotfixes and updates.


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I have installed 1.2.0 successfully on my laptop but I can not seem to open OCR…It always grayed out even though when it is running.

Please assist.

Regards Jacob

Hi Jacob, what status does OCR have in the tray menu?
Could you please share a screenshot?

Fixed bugs:
Scrollbars didn’t work in the Recorder variables panel


Hello in our version it is still not fixed. Why is that ?

did you uninstall the prev version and istalled 1.2.0 v90? it is fixed…