RPA Express 1.3.0 is rolled out!

Hi All,

New RPA Express 1.3.0 is released and available for download!

Here is the list of the most important updates in this version.

NEW ACTION - Custom Actions

  • Starting from RPA Express 1.3.0 you can develop your own actions and use them in your recordings.
    We have created a special category on the forum, where you can ask questions about the custom actions functionality and share your actions with other users.

Web Actions

  • We have updated to Selenium 3, which means you can use the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers installed on your computer in web actions.

  • Portable browsers have been removed from RPA Express package.

UX/UI Improvements

  • Recorder menu has been simplified, redundant menu items have been removed

  • Extention (.rpae) will be added to the Recording name automatically

  • If you select action Replace with new recording, you’ll be asked to confirm it.

Read more in RPA Express 1.3.0 release notes.

We would really appreciate your feedback on these updates. Please feel free to write it, along with your suggestions, in the thread below, or send it to us at rpaexpress@workfusion.com.

How to Upgrade:

  1. Uninstall the current version of RPA Express.
  2. Use the download link from the registration email to download the latest copy. If you don’t have the link, go to our registration page and re-register to get it.
  3. Click the Download RPA Express button. The file is a bit big (1,8 GB) so please be patient.
  4. Completely extract the content of the installation package on your local drive.
  5. Complete the install, and you’re ready to go.

You can find the complete guide on how to update to a new version here.

Thank you,
RPA Express Team

Thanks. Custom actions will add great value…

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Thank you workfusion, RPA Express product is improving continuously to help implement automation better.

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Hi Team,

I am unable to start “Bot Manager” and “Control Tower” in new version. This is not working even after multiple re installation of new release.


Please share how your tray menu looks after launch, and send us these logs:


I installed the RPAe fourth time and it started working. Something to do with my RAM utilization.


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