RPA Express 1.4.0 is rolled out!

Hi Everyone :grinning:

New RPA Express 1.4.0 is rolled out!

Here is the list of new features and updates:

  • New Feature - Find Web Element by Text
    RPA Express now allows you to click on web elements containing a specific text. We have created a sample recording to show you this feature in action. You can find it in the release notes.

  • Updated OCR License
    The new OCR license is valid till July 1. The free license now allows processing of 1,000 pages.

  • Fixed bug - Publish to Control Tower
    Publish to Control Tower now works correctly for the recordings that have been published with the previous version.

Read more in RPA Express 1.4.0 release notes.

How to Upgrade:

  • Uninstall the current version of RPA Express.
  • Use the download link from the registration email to download the latest copy. If you don’t have the link, go to our registration page and re-register to get it.
  • Click the Download RPA Express button. The file is a bit big (1,8 GB) so please be patient.
  • Completely extract the content of the installation package on your local drive.
  • Complete the install, and you’re ready to go.
  • You can find the complete guide on how to update to a new version here.

Please leave your feedback on the new feature in the comments below!

Thank you,
RPA Express Team

Will the 1.000 OCR pages be included in each new version? Or only in this one? Or will there be new 1.000 pages in July?

has \r\n issue been fixed when writing to a file in this release?


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Could please add a way to update Workfusion instead of downloading the new version. :smiley:


@kmkumar1 Unfortunately, not yet. It will be fixed for our May release. @eaguirreepjIJX has provided a workaround that might help to write to a file with line breaks here.

@timriewe There is 1,000 pages for a version. When you install a new version, you get another 1,000 pages.

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Thanks! :+1:

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Tim, I’m very sorry, I’ve misinformed you on this. The new license gives you 1,000 pages till July 1.

Thanks @ashapkina
And in July a new set of 1.000 pages with the July version?

That’s right.

Now in recorder, when all steps are completed, all windows opened during the automation will be closed.
I hope in future release, there can be an action to choose which window to close.
Thank you!

@yangyanz Yes, this is the expected behavior of the bot, it has to return the system to the initial state. We are not planning to change it.
There is a way you can leave some windows open after execution in case you need to: use Win + R to open the application/file, and check that the box “Close windows after script completion” is unchecked.
Hope it helps.


Thank you, I will try your method.

One more thing, could RPAe team develop an action to control multiple recorder scripts?
I think there is one requirement to run recorder scripts in RPAe (not control tower).

See if there’s an action can automatically list all projects in the RPAe workspace, and user can choose which to run and in which sequence. this will be great. (because some people are really struggling under control tower)

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We don’t have such plans at the moment, but you can create a topic with a feature request, so you and other users can vote for this feature to be introduced in RPA Express.
If the feature is popular with voters it will help us prioritize the roadmap.

I think this request exists already

Why Can’t you add a update link in Workfusion Instead of downloading the file everytime @ashapkina

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@ashapkina can you hear us? :smiley:

@Lasitha_Wijenayake @sreekanth_keNK Sorry for delay. We are working on improving the update mechanism, but such way of updating RPA Express will not be introduced in the near releases.

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