Rpa Express 1.4 scheduler is not stopping even if the scheduler is stopped


I am using the RPA Express1.4.0 version. I had published a recording to the control tower from RPA Recorder. I scheduled it to run every month. I deleted the schedule , even then the scheduler is not stopping. It runs every month. I even tried deleting the BP , the BP is also not getting deleted.


Hi @abhaya_jeyar

We have reproduced this issue on our side and are investigating now. I will post an update here as soon we have results.

Thank You!

@abhaya_jeyar could you please provide some additional details about the issue:

  • when did you delete the schedule?
  • was it after the process started to play or before it?
  • did you set a schedule period for this schedule?

Also, by default, there is a setting in Control Tower to repair a failed step 10 times before the process fails. Perhaps, the bot started to play the process before you deleted the schedule and tries to repair it up to 10 times?

I created the schedule 2 months ago for it to run every month. I deleted the schedule 1 month ago but still it runs for this month. I am sure about repair the failed task.
Will it stop if uninstall and install the same version?

Yes, re-installation will help in this case.