RPA Express 2.0.5 is here!


Hello Everyone!

We have released the new RPA Express 2.0.5.


  • No license keys required
    You will no longer need to wait for license keys to install RPA express.
    You will just need to type in the email you used for registration, and your license will be created automatically.

  • Multiple Bots can be installed on Server OS only
    In order to install multiple bots, you need to have Windows Server OS and active RDS licensing. Read more details in the Installation guide and RDS Licensing guide.

  • OCR is supported on AWS
    We now use use a new type of OCR license that works on AWS.

Read more details in the Release notes.

  • Secure Storage (Beta)
    Secure Storage is available in WorkFusion Studio as a beta feature.
    It is disabled by default, but can be enabled and used in recordings.

Feel free to post your feedback and comments about version 2.0.5 in the thread below or send us at rpaexpress@workfusion.com.

Best Regards
RPA Express team


Yes I noticed that I got a licens key in my mail but I did not have to use it.
It worked by itself.


Hi @michael_larsso
No, you don’t need the license key anymore. Was it sent to you when you registered for this version, 2.0.5?


Yes 7 days ago i think. I did never use it and it seams to work better than ever.
You probably fixed that now, I did not now I was so fast to upgrade.
I went from 1.5 to 2.0.5 so I do not upgrade so often.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
We made many changes to the installation and update to make it more user friendly.


Hello, since the release of this version my scripts are running extremely slow.

I’m using the 1.1.8 version i can’t use the newest version because I can’t migrate 15 scripts of more than 600 acctions each one each 3 months…

Whe i tryed to upload to the 2.0 version I lost 6 days of work because of the incompatibilites and the end i could’t use the newest version because of a bug (i reported it here Index Error while playing recording).

… Well my question is… are WorkFusion doing something to the bots that are working in a previous version??
Because i cant understand why my bot now is so slow … after 12 moths of work.

Each 2 months I re-install the bot and, I execute some scripts to clean temp files and trash that the bot generates.

And it neveger generates me any problem…

So what can i do?



Hi @joreian, are the bots working slower in version 1.1.8 or have you updated to a newer version?
Do you run your bots from WorkFusion Studio or Control Tower?