RPA Express 2.0.6 Lumen stuck at splash screen

I am new to RPA Express and I downloaded and installed version 2.0.6. However when I try to launch it gets stuck on the splash screen and there is no icon in the task bar. In my error logs for status-agent and status-agent-error I get the following message:

“Field error in object ‘target’ on field ‘Model’: rejected value [VPCL23BFX]; codes [typeMismatch.target.Model,typeMismatch.Model,typeMismatch.com.workfusion.status.config.ModelConfig,typeMismatch]; arguments [org.springframework.context.support.DefaultMessageSourceResolvable: codes [target.Model,Model]; arguments []; default message [Model]]; default message [Failed to convert property value of type ‘java.lang.String’ to required type ‘com.workfusion.status.config.ModelConfig’ for property ‘Model’; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot convert value of type ‘java.lang.String’ to required type ‘com.workfusion.status.config.ModelConfig’ for property ‘Model’: no matching editors or conversion strategy found]”

These are my system configs:
i5 processor @2.40Ghz
8GB ram, 64bit, Windows 8.1

I have been at it all day and really need some help here.

Hi @gautamsharma298 what is the brand of your machine?

Its sony vaio desktop

@gautamsharma298 such error sometimes happens on certain laptops. We have fixed it for the new version that we are releasing tomorrow. I’ll let you know once the version is released so you can download and install it.

@ashapkina Thanks. Does that mean that I will hace to register again and download the new version like the first time?

Also, is there any way I can run RPA Express on a Mac?

RPA Express currently only supports Windows.

Yes, you will need to register again to download the new version.

Okay thanks.

So when will the new version come out today?

@gautamsharma298 sorry, the release is delayed a little bit. I will post an update in this topic once the new version is available for download.

@ashapkina Thank you for the update. But i need to work on this and learn about how RPA Express works for my new job starting next week. Is there any workaround to this problem?

Sorry, not yet. We are releasing the new version today. I’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

@gautamsharma298 the new version 2.1.0 is out.
Please try installing it. Let me know how it goes.

Hi @gautamsharma298 did you manage to install version 2.1.0?

Hi @ashapkina. It works now. Thank you

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