RPA Express 2.0 INstallation Failed - TrendMicro antivirus

Dear RPA Express Team

During Installation the Antivirus Programm (TrendMicro) is terminating a process due to “Malware Behaviour”
At the same time RPA Express Installation fails due to Fatal Error
(With previous verions never had this error)

Any chance to get around this without disabled Antivirus Protection (Wont be that easy in corporate environment)

Thanks !

Hi Rudolph, try adding the file RDPWInst.exe to the exceptions in TrendMicro and then installing again.

did you have a chance to try adding the file to the exceptions?

I am trying to evaluate if this software is appropriate for our company. I tried to install RPA Express, I chose both the Application Server and the Workstation options. During installation I got a message that says “Setup Failed” - “0x80070643 - Fatal error during installation”.

I also receive a message from my anti-virus software (trend micro) during installation. Under the “Behavior Monitoring” section and “Unauthorized File Encryption” violation.

Does anyone have any insight into what is going on?

@tbrown does the antivirus point to the file that causes the problem? If it does, try adding it to exceptions and installing again.


In my case IT is not willing to make exemptions for unknown external software on Users PC


@rudolph_schiessl thank you Rudolph. We’ll do our best to solve this issue from our side as fast as possible.
Sorry for inconvenience.

In my case, this is the file that is identified as the culprit:


I don’t believe I have the ability to add exclusions. This is an enterprise antivirus software that is controlled by our sysadmin team, used company-wide.

I’ll contact them but it may not be something I can influence.

Hello. Has there been any update on this issue? I received an uncomfortable call from my IT Security team this morning followed by the e-mail below:

“Can you contact the software vendor and find out if “RDPWInst.exe” Is required for your upgrade and why? This is a known executable that is used in malware.”

Any thoughts?


Well, after long discussion, my IT colleagues turned off the Antivirus (TrendMicro) for the installation
Then turned it on again afterwards. So far it works and there are no alarms

What I understand is, RPA Express is using some “Macros” that are also used by malware etc.
However, at the moment there seem to be no problems or alarms with turned on anti virus and firewall

I am not an IT guy so I can not give you a qualified opinion on that.
Sorry I cant really help

Now, RDPWInst.exe is required for the installation of RPA Express 2.0.
We are discussing the possibility of removing it for the future releases, but there is no ETA yet. As soon as we have an update on this I will post it in this thread.

After convincing our sysadmin team to turn off TrendMicro and allowing the installation to complete, I was able to install the software and turn TrendMicro back on again. But after several days TrendMicro re-identified RDPWInst.exe as a threat and “Cleaned” it. Then a few days later it also identified RDPConf.exe and “Cleaned” that as well. They were both identified as spyware. RPA Express Studio still seems to open up, but I have not tried too many features yet.

Unfortunately I have same issue with Cisco AMP product. Please fix it.

@rudolph_schiessl @tbrown @kostuchjuEOXoD @dcvetkovspUpii

Hi All,

We have removed RDPWInst.exe from RPA Express installation package.
Hope it will solve the issues you had with the installation.
Please download the new build from our website https://www.workfusion.com/rpa-express/

Installation and system requirements for RPA Express have changed, too.
Please read the user guides before installation: