RPA Express 2.3 with SAP GUI Automation

New RPA Express 2.3 is officially released! :partying_face:

Our main focus for this release was SAP GUI automation. :sap:

Now, you can automate SAP in RPA Express the same way you automate any other desktop application. Our Inspector tool can see the SAP GUI internal structure and generate unique selectors you can use in your scripts. You can also record your actions in SAP in RPA Recorder.

Apart from SAP support, we have a number of other important features and improvements.


Now, you have an option to install only the development components in RPA Express (WorkFusion Studio, OCR and RPA components), without installing server components (Control Tower and WorkSpace). This type of installation will require less resources.

If needed, you can change your RPA Express setup and install server components using the link in the Studio.

Tray Menu is removed

Starting from this version, there will be no Tray Menu in RPA Express. Components can be started/stopped from the new Components tab in the Studio.

Clicking on RPA Express tray icon will open WorkFusion Studio.
If Studio is already opened, clicking on the tray icon will open the Components page in your default browser.

Important! :point_up:
Now, to exit from RPA Express completely and stop all its processes, you need to:
- Stop the server components in WorkFusion Studio
- Exit from WorkFusion Studio

Components Tab

A new Components tab is available in the Studio, where you can:

  • Manage and switch between server profiles
  • See the status of OCR and the number of available OCR pages
  • Start/stop Control Tower and WorkSpace
  • Set RPA Express to start running in the background each time you start the machine
  • Download server components and modify RPAx setup in case you initially installed only development components


Apart from SAP support, Inspector has 2 major improvements:

  • beside CSS and Object selectors, you can now use XPaths to automate desktop applications
  • Inspector can now generate selectors for windows
  • New Focus method can expand a collapsed UI control to get its selector. It is useful when inspecting complex trees or tabs.

Window action

There is a new option you can use to switch to a window - Enter window selector. The selector can be copied from the Inspector tool.

Typing on screen

In RPA Recorder preferences, users can now enable the mode to type in any window without explicitly switching to it.

It will solve the issues some users might have had with migrating their scripts to version 2.2.

If you migrate your scripts from a version 2.1 and earlier and you don’t explicitly switch to each window in the scripts, you need to enable this mode to make sure your scripts don’t break.

OCR license

The release contains a new OCR license valid till August, 1. As always, the license contains 1,000 free pages.

Bug fixes & minor improvements

Fixed the issue with division using variables in Expression action (Forum topic)
Performance issue when typing in WorkFusion Studio was fixed (Forum topic)

Read more details and see the video overview in the release notes.

Feel free to leave comments, questions, and feedback about the release here!

Best Regards,
RPA Express Team


RPA Express 2.3.1 has been released!

It is a maintenance build containing a fix to this issue.

Read more in the Release Notes.

Hi Alesia,
Thank you.
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Hi Alesia,
Installed and working.
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Hi David,

Thanks for the update. Glad this issue got solved :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alesia,
Can you go to my other issue with Manual Process and HTML. Really appreciate an idea to resolve this now the components is working.
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RPA Express 2.3.2 is released!

This version contains some improvements for automating SAP GUI.
See details in the Release Notes.

Hi Alesia,
I have installed RPA Express with Version 2.0-beta is possible to upgrade to RPA Express 2.3 with SAP GUI ? is there any difference if I migration my exercise from Version 2.0-beta to Version 2.3 with SAP GUI

thank you