RPA express actions/feature suggestions



RPA Express Team,

You did a great job for creating such a wonderful RPA tool and which is free for use till now. I really like the RPA express.

cheers team !! :+1:

Do we expect any new features in upcoming versions of RPA express:
I am familiar with UiPath and I really like the few interesting actions/features and if they would be available in next releases that would be great :

  1. Break : which allows users to move out from a foreach/while activity based on such condition.
  2. Messagebox/Writeline : this will help the user to validate the values in a runtime.
  3. Database connection : much needed option for connecting a database
  4. Email automation : Outlook, SMTP, Exchange connection.
  5. Debugging mode/breakpoint : which allow users to debug a workflow step by step and he/she can validate in a runtime.
  6. Invoke another RPA recorder script : call/execute an existing RPA recorder script within another RPA recorder program/script.
  7. Unlock machine while executing the recorder script bcoz if the machine is locked/logoff it shouldn’t work at the moment.
  8. Auto-start : control tower,OCR whenever we open workfusion it should be started automatically.
  9. Multi-Threading : allow multiple bots/scripts can run concurrently.
  10. PDF autmation etc.

Would appreciate if you can take all or any of the above suggestions and may be included in next releases.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.!

Vikas Rawat


Great advise!
special for debugging mode/breakpoint need high priority!

Best regards!


@xuzfAQbeOcamOx @vikas_rawat1 Thanks a lot for your input.
The debugging feature will be available in RPA express 2.0 that we are releasing on May 17.
Database connection and system unlocking features are planne to be introduced later this year.

As for the other features, we will definitely consider them and see what can be added to our roadmap.


I have opened few other threads. Will you able to hep me on this.!


Working on it :+1: