RPA Express API

Hi. Is there an API for Java programing in RPA Express?

Hi @abel_santos

Yes, there is, although we recommend programming in groovy in RPA Express.

You can find links to useful resources in this thread:

Hi @ashapkina

Thank you for your quick answer. I am afraid this is not really what I was looking for.

Here is the scenario I have: I have a Java Application and a record that I have created using the Recorder.
I would my Java application to start the record, for example, everyday at 10 a.m.
Is there a way I can do that, an Api that my application can access to pass some data to the recorder and maybe retrieve it at the end?

Thank you very much

Hello @ashapkina,
do you have any answer for me?

Hi @abel_santos,
sorry for delay.
You can find this info if you open the code perspective in WorkFusion studio, and go to Help - Help contents.
But if scheduling the process to run at a certain time is the only task you need, you can just publish your recording to Control Tower and schedule it from there.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, scheduling I could run from Control Tower.

But can I trigger the bot from within a Java application? Say I have an application where the user works on some client information. Is it possible that by, for example, clicking a button in a Java application, pass on some client information to the bot, the bot runs the script with that data and eventually returns some other data back to the application?

You can try using WorkFusion RESP API for this, but we do not test it with RPA Express, so we cannot ensure that it will work with your use case.

You need to be logged in to Control Tower to open the link.

To get campaign UUID, open process definition in a new tab

Click UUID to copy

Ok. Thank you for the info. I will have a look at it.

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Hi Abel, did you have a chance to try the API? Did it help with your use case?

I’d like to trigger RPA Express free from another application. Can you tell me where can I find the documentation for this Rest API?

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Hi. Sorry I took so long to reply. I did not have the chance to try the API.

Hi @ashapkina ,

I’m trying to use the REST API but it seems that it’s not working using the UUID from a BP. (v2.1.0)
I tried with success below commands
/v2/workfusion/service/info (Response: Version r.4dafc21e)

but all other fail

“message”: “Run with id [8a907b24-d0e5-422a-9c5a-58882b60d099] not found in DB”,
“code”: “com.workfusion.api.error.http.not.found”

“message”: “Run with uuid [8a907b24-d0e5-422a-9c5a-58882b60d099] not found”,
“code”: “com.workfusion.api.error.http.not.found”

Can you please help?
I understood something wrong and the UUID mentioned above is not from a BP?

Hi @adimitriou we’ll investigate it.
Do all other requests where you don’t have to use the UUID work?

Thanks @ashapkina ,
Originally I only tested the above commands and /v2/workfusion/account/balance that also works.
I also wanted to try /v2/workfusion/task/file but I can’t find the required fields (campaignUuid, workforceUuid).
Any ideas how to get those info?

campaignUuid and workforceUuid are not accessible in RPA Express, only in SPA.

As for the issue with UUIDs, please use UUID of a separate instance, not the BP definition.
Sorry, my screenshot wasn’t correct for RPA Express.

You can copy the instance UUID from its URL

Thanks @ashapkina ,
This works for /v2/workfusion/task/{uuid} and /v2/workfusion/task/{uuid}/steps
but not for /v2/workfusion/task/{uuid}/start (manually created an new BP instance)

My opinion is that It’s not useful to need a uuid you can only get from GUI, because this means that you can use it only for manual actions (we have GUI for that), unless there is a way to get the uuids (and any other parameter) of executed BPs with code executed in RPA? (or even a query?)

Except from RPA REST API is there another way to check in a BP/bot task the execution status of other BPs?

Thank you for your help.

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have you made any progress on this? i haven’t seen any updates or new threads on API use. it would be incredibly useful to be able to generate new BPs and run them from the API.