RPA Express availability for download

Dear RPA Express users!

Thank you for your interest to RPA Express. Currently, RPA Express is available with beta label only. The beta is released in batches, please let us make it available to you as well following the same approach.

You should expect to get it in May 2017.

We will keep you updated.


I had register couple of times but didn’t get link to download RPA Express.
I’m getting mail about forum update. But no link yet to download. Please advice.


ok, we will look up in what has gone wrong. In the mean time, we will send you a link by e-mail.

I had to register couple of times but didn’t get link to download RPA Express 1.1.
I’m getting mail about forum update. But no link yet to download.
Do let me know how I will be able to download the same.

Hi Team ,

I am unable to locate the RPA software download link.
could you please provide me the link

Best regards,
Rashmi TS

Hi Rashmi

You can re-register at http://www.workfusion.com/rpaexpress
You will get an email with instructions.

I registered for RPA Express on June 8th, and received an email saying that I would receive the link by June 15th. I have not received one yet. Maybe something happened due to the new release. Can someone look into this and send me a link?


please, check your mail box, the message with the link has been sent.

Got it. Thank you for a quick response!

Hi there, I too registered a while back and haven’t received any information (around 8th June) - I tried again today to register for RPA Express but no link thanks.

Hi All,

I too registered for work fusion three weeks ago and I am yet to receive download link. Could some one help me.


@PrasannaKumar, @michael_renwick please check your emails. You should receive the download link email now.



I too registered three weeks ago, got the same message about june 15th, but I too have not yet received an email with a download link.

Can you pull me in too?


I have never receive the email for downloading the soft.
Is-it possible to send me the link ?
Thanks a lot

@hsj @arnaud_sourrisseau sent

I registered to start using RPA Express today. Have not got any link in the Welcome mail.

Thanks to the Forum access I have, I see that this is a problem many have.

Can somebody tell me what to do ?


@rtkaushik sent.

Thanks for the very prompt response.

File is a huge one! 2+ GB. And the download gave an error at the end…after 2 hours on my slow line.

Intend to try again tomorrow. There should be a simpler, fail-proof way? eg. Microsoft Downloads of their complex Servers & Visual Studio?


the best way for slow internet connection is to use a download manager as recommended in RPAx KB https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/RPA+Express+Installation