RPA Express cannot run Java Applet


We are trying to have Oracle apps running by the Robot. If we open the Java Applet page, then by image recognition it can work. But opening the Java applet turns to be a challenge. Please check the attachment. It shows in the first screenshot where the Robot gets stuck. However, when tried manually, it opens after clicking on a few Pop ups. Which we expected the POP ups should have come during robot execution.Java_applet issue.docx (355.5 KB)


Hi @supriyo_sarkar, it looks like it happens because Firefox creates a new browser instance each time you open it, and it doesn’t have the plugins you have installed. Try opening it in Internet Explorer.


It did work with ie. but still unclear why robot not able to execute in mozilla


@supriyo_sarkar each time the bot opens Firefox, it creates a new browser instance, so it doesn’t have the plugins necessary to run the java applet.