RPA Express Capabilities/Limitations

Hi RPA Express team,

We have been testing out the RPA Express tool to get a feel of how it works, however, we are running into errors.
Attached is the screenshots of errors we encountered.
If we could have a better understanding of some of the capabilities or limitations of this tool, that would be great.

Common Issues
When record the steps and Play recording, we often get error “Failed to execute Action SwitchWindowAction” or
“Failed to execute Action MouseClickbyImageAction”.


  1. Will the RPA Express tool allow us to open excel files from emails in Outlook? If yes, can it extract by email subject title?
  2. Seems like the tool opens up excel files etc based on mouse actions captured by Image/Coordinates, can it do so by recognising file name instead?
    (We tried to open spreadsheet based on File Location with the ‘Excel’ action but it didn’t work)
  3. Can the tool login to web-based applications given username & password?
    (I have verified with MainFrame and it works, but it failed when I login to a site saved in bookmarks in IE)

Workfusion RPA Express Screenshots.docx (1.2 MB)

Regarding your second recording:

  1. When using Excel action the application opens on background, so it’s not visible.
  2. To copy and paste values you can not use Mouse and Keyboard actions, use the Get and Set Cell actions to copy and paste respectively as described in https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Excel
  3. There is no such limitation, but the Save spreadsheet action should be put as a child in the Open spreadsheet action.
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Thank you for your reply.
Based on the advice, I tried to build Actions Flow using Excel action to copy and paste the value from one Excel to another Excel, however, it does not work. The attached is the screenshots of Actions Flow.

Would you kindly take a look at it and if there is anything that I missed out or did incorrectly?Workfusion RPA Express_20170828.docx (534.1 KB)

I have 2 comments:

  • Set Cell Value does not actually move the cursor around. So doing (Set Cell Value - Cell Below) multiple times does not write out the whole column.
    The fix:

    • Set Active Cell (To the cell where you would like to start the output)
    • In the loop:
      • Set Cell Value - Current Cell
      • Set Active Cell - Cell Below
  • In your screenshots, Save Excel File is a child of for-each, and hence part of the loop. I would move it out of the loop to be executed only once at the end.

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Thank you. It worked!