RPA Express closing open winows after running recording



Hi All,

Not sure if anyone has faced this issue or it is just me.

The problem: I’m recording a workflow as below:

  1. Launch IE
  2. Open google.com
  3. Search for a text
  4. Open the 1st link available returned by the search result

That’s it, however when I replay the above sequence RPA express automatically closes IE after it has finished the above 4 steps. I have checked 5 different flows similar to the one above and in all scenarios it closes all the applications automatically even though the same has not been added or recorded.

Am I doing something wrong. I have checked all the properties and settings and i’m sure I haven’t added this step

Please help



Actions on an already opened windows


Thanks for your feedback. Now it is an expected behavior.

In future releases, we will add an option - disable/enable window auto-close



We’ve added a voting feature for this topic - just click the Vote button near the Topic heading.

Topics with the highest votes amount will have increased priority on the RPA Express roadmap.


Out of curiosity…when can we expect the next release with this option?


on the 15th of May


@varun.chopra, @Ratna_Emani - this feature is available since RPA Express 1.0.2 - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Sunbird+1.0.2

You can enable or disable the Close windows after script completion option.