RPA Express - control tower doesn't start


I am getting below message for Control tower, not sure what is wrong. My control tower is not starting

17:27:00 Web check failed Metric: wf.app.status. Trigger: neq 0.0. Observed:

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi Sachin,

Check if any one of the components is showing as “Major Outage” if so, Restart all the workfusion components from Workfusion Tray/Panel .Check if that helps.


I’m seeing exactly the same problem.

Restarting all components from the Tray doesn’t fix the problem it seems – tried again and again.
Most components restart. CT stays in “checking status” for ages, but Platform Monitor shows the same Web check failed message as @sachin_salvevJ above.

Any solutions please?

Actually… it finally restarted. It seems that you just have to wait a number of minutes before it actually wakes up.

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Yes, it might take some time for Control Tower to launch.


I am getting the below error while I am trying to start Control Tower

Web check failed Metric: wf.app.status. Trigger: neq 0.0. Observed: 1
I have tried to start control tower multiple times(almost 15-20 times)

I have reinstalled the RPA Express multiple times and tried different versions also. But it is not starting at all.

Requesting inputs.


Try restarting all components from the tray.
The Control Tower status in the tray should change to starting - checking status - running. Control Tower uses a lot of resources, so it might take several minutes for it to start.

Tried that multiple times it is not starting.

Control tower starts from one user on the same machine but not from the other one.

Anything you could suggest??

Are you trying to use it under two users at the same time?

No, I am having two users setup at my machine.
Tried it for one user…didn’t work there. Exited from the tray, switched to other user launched again and tried from there and it worked.