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Assignment 8: Sorting files in folders


Assignment 9: Object recording in Excel










I am working on Assignment 2: Scroll to Image and encountered this error of my OCR not working well. Please take a look at the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beMzcsAN4Ts and help me to check on what is not working?


@edward.lay what version of RPA Express are you using? If it is 2.1.2 or earlier, you need to update to 2.1.3, because the previous OCR license has expired.




Wow, you are spot on! I was on 2.1 beta downloaded just 2-3 weeks ago, re-installed the latest 2.1.3 and it works!

May I know in future how do i check whether my version is expiring/has expired whereby the OCR is not working and thus, would not be doubting and debugging my own actions (e.g. something wrong with the OCR action I used)?


Assignment #11


Assignment #12






Hello all. I am new here and delighted to be learning to use this wonderful product. Here is my video for the first assignment for the RPA Express assignment.


@edward.lay good suggestion :+1: We’ll add instructions on how to check the license in the KB.


Assignment 1 - Fill Online Form


Assignment 2 - Fill Online Form Using Variables