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My Assignment 5: Google Form (loop)


My Assignment 7: Google Form (Excel in application)


My Assignment 8


My Assignment 9: Google Form (XPath)


Marco Davila Assignment #3


My Assignment 10: Web Automation and Excel


My Assignment 11


I doing the Assignment 12: Web data parsing.

I think the Clipboard’s Set variable value from clipboard function is broken currently. It shows settings for both list (marked as A) and table (marked as B) type variable. I have a table selected as the variable but the Clipboard action is using settings for list type variable.

Hence my table will have only one row since all the CR+LF line breaks are ignored in clipboard data.


Hi Antti,

Yes, we are aware of the bug with double settings boxes, we will fix it.
But the settings should still work. Try switching Windows separator to Linux. Let me know if it helps.


@ashapkina Thanks, worked like a charm! :slight_smile:


Dear WF expert,
need a a piece of advice according to Assignment 12: Web data parsing.
The page “https://finance.google.com/finance” is changed ( it is not up to date) and so the following sector “Technology” disappeared, there is no table (‘Companies’) .
How can the task be executed according to the requirements?

Thank you.


Hi! Thank you for the post! The assignment was changed. Keep working!


Thank you!


Ronald Chaverri

RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started
Assignment 3


Ronald Chaverri - Assignment 4


Assignment 3


Assignment 4 - forgot to put my name on the title…

It’s the same video for assignment 3, but I’ve added the web cam capture to at least try to make it look different.


Assignment 5 Google form, but using a loop


Assignment 6 Scroll for an image.


Vladimir Krinitsyn