RPA Express - Defined drop down selections based on excel values



Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone can help me please. I am very much at the beginner stage for learning RPA so apologies in advance if anything I have written below is unclear.

I am currently doing some theory work on whether it would be possible to create a solution where depending on a value in a excel spreadsheet, I want to be able to select an option from a drop down menu in our SDO tool. Like for example if it said Office in Excel, can RPA Express be programmed to Select Office 365 from a drop down or if it said eMail in Excel would it be possible to select Outlook from the drop down to deploy that package?

Has anybody done this before or know whether its possible with the RPA express tool?


I think it can be achieved by using a few condition actions in RPA express.



Sounds real. You need to:

  1. Copy the current cell value from Excel spreadsheet to a variable, for example ${app_to_open} variable
  2. Add an IF condition which will check the ${app_to_open} value
  3. Add open your applications in the THEN or ELSE sections

Something like this one: