RPA Express Deployment

Can we deploy RPA Express, which is given for free , for enterprise? Is there any limitations on using RPA Express compared to SPA ? I am not able to find User Management options in RPA Express .User management is very much required for us to consider RPA Express . Please clarify.

Hi Vignesh,

Yes, you can deploy RPA Express for enterprise, and use it in production - we don’t limit the area of application of RPA Express.
As for the user management, we don’t have it currently, but we are planning to introduce it as a additional feature later this year - tentatively, in May.

But in the below link, under Detailed Feature comparison table, it is given that access control and authentication is possible.

Also when I tried to click “Publish To Control Tower” option , Business process is getting created but the code created by RPA recorder is not there in the Bot’s script and also I am not able paste the code in the scripting area. “Run” option is also in disabled state.

Please explain the steps to deploy.

You cannot edit the code of the bot task that was published from the recorder, only the bot task that you created directly in control tower. If you need to edit a task that you have already published from the recorder, you can edit it in the recorder, and then publish again.

As for the Run option, what version of RPA Express are you using? If it is version 1.3.0 or earlier, try this: go to Data tab, press Next; on the Design tab, press Save. Does the Run tab become active?

express does not provide MI and OCR functions. Enterprise comes with that… Express does not provide High Availabilities and fail over, so it is not recommend for production.

There is OCR function in RPA Express, but it is more limited than that of SPA (1,000 pages). But we provide extended licenses for users that need more pages.
There are companies that use RPA Express to automate their business processes, but, of course, it depends on the functions you need and the business process you want to automate.

Thank you. Now I am able to run…

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