RPA Express exports only one row



I have problem with my RPAExpress (version_number=1.1.7). When I do export of several rows from bot task it always exports only one. I was trying the examples from here:
In my SPA Studio it works as expected, exporting several rows. Do you have some advices?


Please post your BP package here


@pawel_faron - please answer the message above


@pawel_faron - any updates?


Sorry for the delay.

I’ve created Business Process with example code from https://kb.workfusion.com/display/WF/export “Split results with dynamic amount of output columns”. It should export several rows but when run in RPAExpress as a result I see only one (it works in SPA Studio)
Several Rows Export.zip (5.0 KB)



no problems found,

maybe, you’ve forgotten to choose the “Final Results” step:


Yes it’s look like this is the case. Thanks.