RPA Express Features


I’m exploring the RPA Express features to match with the requirements. So far I found the below useful features that may not be supported directly. Please suggest the workaround for the features that are not supported.

Not Supported Features:

  1. Get and set the encrypted password
  2. Message Box
  3. Extract structured data from the web as a data table
  4. Match the text against regular expressions
  5. Combine the parsed/manipulated variable values
  6. Read text from OCR throws an exception
  7. Read file data from the Remote Citrix Desktop
  8. Send mail
  9. Write output data to the console
  10. Retry based on the condition
  11. Database connectivity
  12. Custom actions, pause and stop actions are not enabled in the actions library
  13. Remote deployment

@anandhan These are a lot of suggestions :grinning:
You can implement a lot of them using the current functionality. Also, we are introducing some of them in our future releases.

Here are short answers to your questions:

1.We now have Secure Storage in Control Tower where you can store your passwords. We will create UI for it in the recorder for future version, possibly this summer.

3.You can extract data from tables using xpath as shown here.

4.You can match text again regular expressions in the If condition, or you can create your own actions with RegExp using custom actions.

5.There are Join strings actions to combine string variables. You can also combine variable values into lists and tables using Expression action.

7.You can use image-based automation and OCR to read data from Citrix desktop.

8.We are adding object recording in May which will allow email automation.

10.If I understand you correctly, you can achieve the same if you use Retry inside the If action.

11.We are planning to add database actions in one of our future releases.

12.You can write custom actions using our RPA API starting from version 1.3.0. The link to our API is available in the Knowledge Base. Pause and stop actions are planned for future releases, but you can currently use Conditions or Exception handling to stop scripts in certain situations.

13.This feature will be introduced in the May release of RPA Express.

Could you provide some more details about these questions:

2.What do you mean by the Message box? Please describe how you’d like to see this feature in more details.
6. Which version of RPA Express are you using? It is possible that its license has expired.
9. Could you describe this use case in more details?

Hope the info above is helpful.
You can find more information in the Knowledge Base.

If I’ve missed somethings, let me know.

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Thank you for the quick response. Please find the details as requested.

-2. Message Box: It is like an alert/confirmation prompt to get an acknowledgement from the user
-6. Version Details: Version 1.2.0-beta, WorkFusion RPA Express, Sunbird.
- Is it possible to check the licence validity in RPA Express?
-9. It is like a trace message available from recorder studio for playback scenario like writing log to the text file.

Thank you. Regarding p.3 - OCR for version 1.2.0 has expired on April 1. We released version 1.4.0 last week - it has an updated OCR license valid till July 1.
I’ll get back regarding p.2 and 4 a bit later.

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Is there any feature available to re-use the group actions from one recording to another recording?
If the feature is not available, please suggest the workaround to avoid repetitive actions.

Not yet, but we are planning to add it soon.

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Thanks, Please clarify the below-consolidated items.

.2. Message Box: It is like an alert/confirmation prompt to get an acknowledgement from the user
.7. How to fetch/read excel file data available in the Remote Citrix Desktop using image-based automation and OCR?
.9. It is like a trace message available from recorder studio for playback scenario like writing log to the text file.
.14. “use incognito mode” option is always disabled in Open Browser action. How to enable it?
.15. How to apply a filter to List/Table types?.

Anandhan, here are answers to some of your questions:

  1. if you use Citrix, the bot cannot have access to the excels files directly, so you cannot use Files and Folder or Excel actions, you can navigate to the file and open it using mouse clicks, and then read the data using OCR.

  2. If I understood you correctly, you can do it using Write to file action.

  3. There is no option to enable incognito mode in web actions now. However, you can open a browser in incognito mode if you do it via Launch Application s shown here.

  4. You can apply filter in For Each action, you can read more details in the knowledge base. But note that there is currently a bug in using filters with tables - we’ll fix it in the next release.

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Consolidated WorkFusion RPA Express Limitations that I have discovered so far - v1.4.0

  1. Get and set the encrypted password – future version
    a. Use an external application to encrypt the password and decrypt it using custom script action
  2. Message Box – not available
  3. Read file data from the Remote Citrix Desktop – not available
    a. Copy the file to the local and read the data
  4. Send mail – future version
    a. Use OpenBrowser action along with webmail/use already configured existing application
  5. Write output data to the console – not available
    a. Use write to file action to log message to file
  6. Database connectivity – future version
    a. Use MS Excel or MS access
  7. Pause and Stop actions – future version
    a. Use Conditions or Exception handling to stop scripts in certain situations
  8. Remote deployment – future version
  9. Reuse actions in another recording – future version
  10. Browser incognito mode – not available
    a. Use launch application C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -incognito
  11. Filter List/Table
    a. Use custom script action, OOTB supports range filter
  12. Custom Script debug – not available
    a. Use Write to File action to log and verify the output
  13. Log file new line separator – not available
    a. Used HTML file log along with “<br” tag
  14. New Tab – Switch to the browser
    a. It’s not possible to get the web element value
    b. Used click activity and clipboard to get the value
  15. Screen Resolution
    a. Make a note of the recorder created screen resolution.
    b. The recorder will work successfully based on the base screen resolution
  16. OCR license validity
    a. OCR license is valid for 3 months
    b. Software needs to be updated to extend the license
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