RPA Express for Mac OS?

Are there plans to provide an installer that runs on macOS? From what I can see, the majority of the components are Java and/or Eclipse-based and should run on other operating systems as well.

If not, has anybody successfully installed RPA Express in a Windows VM running on a macOS host system, e.g. using VirtualBox? What’s the recommended sizing for the VM?

Hi, @Nils_Winkler, currently we support only Windows.
But you can try it with VirtualBox or Parallels

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Thanks for the response. Any plans to offer it for macOS as well?

And for the VM - what’s the recommended sizing for the Windows VM? 4 GB of RAM, or 8 GB?

8 GB is a recommended spec

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I don’t know if you’re taking votes for feature requests (it was mentioned on the RPA Express Webinar) - but you have my vote for supporting macOS :slight_smile:


Please vote on the topic to help us prioritize.

Just did - thanks!

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Can RPA Express be installed on a Mac?

Read the thread.

Is VMWare Fusion a good platform for this situation?

Sizing… I am using a VM with 4 Cores, 16 GB. 8 GB was having issues.

Is VMware Fusion a good platform to install Windows to run RPA Express?

I have a Macbook Pro running El Capitan with 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 and 8gb memory.


Have you installed RPA Express in your MAC?

No, the whole thing has been a bust so far. VMware Fusion wouldn’t work. I then tried to use Boot Camp to create a partition for direct Windows installation. Boot Camp failed, corrupting my drive by leaving 30gb of my SSD inaccessible. I had to backup the drive, wipe it, and restore (MacOS and everything), which included a lot of post-restore cleanup.

Then I tried Parallels, which works fine, but didn’t leave enough memory available to run RPA Express. My MacBook Pro has 8gb RAM, which would be barely enough to run RPA under a direct Windows installation, but not enough under Parallels.

As a final blow, I found out that Apple in its wisdom has made it impossible to upgrade memory on Retina MacBooks like mine. The DIMMs are soldered in.

I want to download for Mac

Hi @mosthusne_jaha, there is currently only Windows support in RPA Express. You can install it on a virtual machine.

Thank you @ashapkina, but I have only Mac