RPA Express for Mobile



Hi Guys!

I work in a software consultancy firm and I was assigned to test the functionality of RPA express.
Is there any plans for moving RPA Express onto any mobile platforms now or in the near future?

Ratna Emani


@Ratna_Emani - thanks for your idea!

Please share your use case where you need to automate mobile platform - which platform, apps do you need to automate?


Nice question. Please share more details @Ratna_Emani


Well one of thing I was trying to automate was filling order forms on Amazon when placing an order.

Then I simply escalated it by using a loop to iterate through an excel spreadsheet to deal with multiple clients/orders. Perhaps something like that can be replicated but on a mobile platform.

Again this is just a, thought-off-top-of-my-head, I don’t have an exact requirement for Mobile RPA Express, other than similar functionality to the desktop version but just mobile friendly.


I have used RPA Express and other RPA solutions to automate functions/processes in mobile apps by using a mobile OS emulator installed on Windows.

RPA express for Mobile

This is neat. You can indeed install emulator and automate mobile thru that.