RPA Express functions stop working after change in Java

Hi, I keep getting “loading” when trying to use window function. This happens after being forced to delete an explorer file (like this):

Regedit för CRM fix
• Go in to Regedit

• Choose Software

• Choose Microsoft

• Mark Internet Explorer and delete

Hi Peter,

We couldn’t reproduce it: after deleting the key for IE, the Window action is loaded correctly in RPA Express.
Did you make any other changes before you started getting this issue?

No, no other change and it’s just the window action that goes “loading…”.

Same thing happened last week and I had to uninstall and reinstall the whole RPA Express.

We are using Java 32-bit (since one of our soft ware program has that requirement. Could this be a problem?

Did you change anything in the RPA Express settings to use 32-bit Java? By default, it should use the 64-bit version that is installed with RPAx.

I didn’t change anything in RPA Express settings, but I guess when there’s no 64-bit on the computer it could be a problem?

It shouldn’t. RPA Express uses the Java from installation package, so it shouldn’t matter if another version is installed.
I will move your question to our support team, so they investigate it in more details.

We found a bug in case of application with 32-bit Java work together with RPA Express. The issue was escalated to development team. We will inform you about release version with the fix.

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Hi @peter.lundin this issue should have been fixed in RPA Express 2.3.
Please let us know if you still have it.

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