RPA express in LAN environment



Hi Team,

I want to test RPA express in LAN(Local Area Network).
Requirement: Suppose RPA Express is installed in Machine A and I want to access Control Tower in Machine B (Machine A’s Control Tower) and Schedule a BP which should perform some Business operations in Machine B.

Note: Assume both the Machines are connected to the same Network(LAN).

Please assist whether its possible with RPA Express, if so , Please guide me through the steps.



Hello Team,

Can you please provide the info?




Currently this setup is not provided out of the box in RPA Express. This sounds more like SPA.


Hi @kmkumar1
You can also email learn@workfusion.com if you’d like to know more about SPA.



But ,FAQ looks like its possible https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/FAQ

"The only other budget considerations for running RPA Express would be infrastructure costs for the server where it would be installed, if a server deployment is desired (RPA Express can also be installed on a desktop). "



Could you please let us know how to run a Business Process on 2 different systems to share the queue items?

Eg: Running the License Verification process from multiple system to sharing the same queue


@arju_kumarbFZa, please see the messages above


Can I have an rpa agent installed on desktop and bits deployed but managed through control tower installed on server



please see the replies above


I am exploring RPA Express for a client. Could not find any details on final deployment of RPA Express on client site. How to deploy bots / scrips on client site?
Plus Can I schedule, view & control bots working on different workstations from a central machine / server?


@shahid_rafi - please see the answers above


@azinchuk Thanks for the reply. I have requested for details about SPA, but did not get any response so far. Can you help?