RPA Express - Inspector

I have a UI.
I want to extract information from a specific field, make some processing and then put the result in other field. Using the inspector I have obtained the name of these data-boxes:
[CLASS:WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.13965fa_r14_ad1; NAME:TG_ID_CARGA]

Although I can’t find the way to put the data into variable recorder in order to operate with them.
Could you please help me with this?

Hi @lisandro_pugVf

Right now, you can only perform clicks on the object.
We are working on adding options to get/set value as suggested by @dplankenhorn here Object Inspector - Ability to Assign Text to Variable

As a workaround, you could do a double or triple mouse click on the element, copy its value using Ctrl+C and save it to variable using Clipboard action.

I’ll try to code it and let you know.

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