RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started - Assignment 3

As instructed in the course, here’s a link to my first RPA Express video, for Assignment 3 in “RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started”. I’m not a dev, but loving it so far! Kind of addicted!!

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Well done, Tombulgin! Keep working!!!

Thanks abrakovichOITW. I’m a sales guy/consultant, not a dev but still really enjoying the 3rd certificate with real application and use of RPA Express. Building bots!

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ive a question. i did assignment 3 using mouseclicks and works perfect. I am using Mouse Clicks with images.

Now next assignment I need variables to select the values. How do i select values based on variables in checkboxes and dropdowns.

Hi @hassanmurad, you are free to use clicks on images to check boxes and and select dropdown values. However, we expects you to use variables in the actions where they can be used, for example, for typing text.


Thanks. Yes but I want to learn how can I use variables to select values in dropdowns and checkboxes

I had the same question as @hassanmurad How do I use variables for selecting dropdown values?
For checkboxes I just used web elements and then just selected a mouse click with the find web element by text option and used the variable as input value. It worked

@hassanmurad @gautamsharma298

You can store the option you need to select as a variable and them select it in the dropdown menu using XPath.

For examples, in the google form in the assignment there are 5 options you can select for ‘journey’. You can store them in a variable as 1,2,3,4 or 5.

They will have almost the same Xpath, only with different index of the last div element, i.e.
the 1st option will have xpath //[@id=“mG61Hd”]/div/div[2]/div[2]/div[7]/div[2]/div[2]/div[3]
the 2nd option will have xpath //
[@id=“mG61Hd”]/div/div[2]/div[2]/div[7]/div[2]/div[2]/div[4], etc.

So you can:

  • assign a Number to each option and store it in a Number variable
  • use Expression action to define the index of the div element in the xpath

  • use the variables as a part of the xpath

So the bot will click different options depending on the values stored in the variable.

I’ve attached a small sample script (it was made in version 2.1.0)

xpath_dropdown.rar (1.1 KB)