RPA Express Launch

I was not able to launch RPA Express though I am able to connect to the WorkfFsion remote desktop. Can someone help on this please?


Hi @akshmiprasad_a, are you trying to open RPA Express inside remote desktops?

Yes, Please advise if this is wrong.
And please tell me, what are all steps to be consider to install and launch.

Your help is much appreciated!

@akshmiprasad_a You cannot start RPA Express inside remote desktops, and you don’t need to. They are only used for executing business processes.

Use RPA Express on your local desktop to develop the scripts and publish them to Control Tower. When you run the processes from the Control Tower, they will be executed on the remote desktops.

Can you please guide on how to make the Script run in remote desktop from Control tower.

@SN00483157a the script will automatically run on the first available bot. If you want to make sure it doesn’t run on your local desktop and only on remote ones, you can stop the local bot (rpa.bot):

Thus, only remote bots will be available, and all processes will be played on remote bots.

In this case, do we need to install an workfusion instance in both local desktop and remote desktop?

No, there is no need to. The scripts will run in remote desktops from your local Control Tower.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. But, Where do I need to specify the IP of the remote desktop, so that the local control tower can trigger scripts on the remote machine?

Without any workfusion instance, how will the local control tower run scripts on the remote desktop?

When I wrote remote desktops I meant the remote desktops created during the installation: WorkFusionRPABot1, WorkFusionRPABot2, etc. When you run a business process from Control Tower, it is automatically executed on these desktops.

Do you want to play your scripts on some other remote machine?

Yes, when I mentioned remote desktop I was referring to a remote computer. The current requirement is that, a single tower will need to trigger scripts on 3 remote servers. The IP addresses of these 3 computers are known.

My question:

  1. Do we need those 3 remote deskptops to have workfusion installed? (I am unable to start workfusion on the desktops. It’s not starting, no error messages either)

  2. Is there documentation to set this up?

There is no such option in RPA Express. You cannot run bots from one control Tower on remote computers.

Your local Control Tower can run bots only on your local desktop and WorkFusion remote desktops created during the installation (the ones I mentioned in the previous post). There is no need to launch RPA Express inside them.

Hi, I want to try out the free RPA Express version and the thinking is to use the Server & Workstation Deployment pattern.
Based on the above my understanding is that the 1st Workstation will have RPA Express installed, which will be used develop the scripts/bot which will in turn be published to the Control Tower (on the Server).
If the specific bot needs to be executed on a different desktop (to the 1st workstation), does that desktop also need to have RPA Express installed? In other words, does the RPA Express free version cater for a situation where a script needs to be executed on a different desktop to the one used to build the bot?

Hi @edutoit

With Server + Workstation installation type, several bots are installed on your machine (1 local, others are on remote desktops). You can see the details in the installation video.

You can develop your recordings using the local bot, and then publish them to Control Tower and run on the remote desktops. There is no need to install RPA Express for them separately.

Thank you, I understand that, but it seems the multiple bots are only available on RPA Express Pro installation, but I want to first start out with the RPA Express Starter and want to understand what setup is possible?
Can I install the RPA Express Starter on my local machine and server (Server + Workstation installation type) and then deploy the one bot to a remote desktop?

I tried accessing the “installation video” link, but it is not working?

@edutoit yes, multiple bots are available in the Pro subscription only, but you get a free 30-day trial period during which you can try it.

In RPA Express Starter, the only setup that is available is Workstation+Server with 1 bot. If you need to deploy a bot n the remote desktop in this case, you will need to install RPA Express on it, as well.

Sorry, this was an old link. Here is a working one - Installation.

@ashapkina Thank you for the information it is very helpful. :slight_smile:

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