RPA Express Lumen highly unstable on my machine


I was very thrilled to try out RPA Express 2.0 beta as it has really great features but now after trying it for the first time, I’m disappointed. The software is very very unstable. I’m running it on Windows 10 1703 on an i7 with 16 GB RAM with a non-administrator account (but installed it with a local admin account)

Issues which I have noticed:

  • connection to Bot often fails
  • one Java Runtime Environment (I don’t know for which process, maybe a bot) crashes
  • even the simplest processes recorded with the Recorder can often not be executed, especially when object detection is required (e.g. for textfields or buttons to click on)

Does someone else have these problems as well? How can I fix them?


After reinstalling and reducing the number of bots, it seems to be more stable.

However, the object-based recorder doesn’t seem to produce very robust results as I get many errors during execution. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi @andreas_meier what actions result in errors: clicks on buttons and menu elements, or clicks on the document itself (the text area in Word or cells in Excel)?

Clicks on buttons are a problem, for instance doing a right click on the explorer button in the windows task bar. This doesn’t work here.

Also selecting textfields, e.g. in the Windows Explorer, are sometimes a problem.

We have fixed several bugs in object recording and inspector for the new version to be released next week, it should be more stable. Right-click on the task bar will work.

As for selecting textfields, do you mean, for example, a search box to type text in?

Great! I hope it works better than.

I mean for instance the search bar in the Windows Explorer. Sometimes - not always - the bot is not able to find the window with its textfield although I just recorded it that way. The detection of the correct window might be faulty.

Yes, I have encountered it a couple of times, too.

In such cases, it is a good idea to start inspector, find the required element with it and copy the selectors (mainly, Class and Name).

Also, during the recording it often records the TEXT selector. You can delete it and only use CLASS and/or NAME, it will be more reliable.

These issues will too be improved in the following releases.

@andreas_meier we have made a number of improvements in object recording in the latest two builds. Hope it will help solve these issues.
Clicks on the task bar and text fields in Explorer work.