RPA Express Lumen is here!


RPA Express Lumen is here, and its first release, RPA Express 2.0, is available for download.

We have a lot of changes in this release, so please take your time to read about them before installing, and feel free to post any questions you have in this thread.

Pro Subscription
Along with the free version of RPA Express, we now offer a Pro Subscription that includes several advanced features:

  • multiple users that can publish business processes to the server Control Tower; user management
  • multiple bots running simultaneously on one machine
  • 10,000 OCR pages
  • advanced Automation Academy certification
  • support portal account

You can read about these features in detail in our blog.

New Deployment Options
RPA Express 2.0 has a few deployment options that you can choose during the installation:

  • Server & Workstation (choose it if you need to install all components on the local machine)
  • Server
  • Workstation

See the deployment diagrams here before installing RPA Express 2.0 to decide which option you need.

New Installation
We have a new RPA Express Downloader and an updated installation process, during which you will need to select the deployment option and the number of bots you want to have on your machine (during free trial and Pro subscription). Read about the installation process in the documentation.

N.B! Please do not use Update option if your current RPA Express version is 1.4.0 or older.

Two perspectives of WorkFusion Studio
Besides the Recorder, WorkFusion Studio now has a Code perspective that provides an IDE for Bot developers to create Bots using Groovy.

Object recording + Inspector
You can now create more reliable automation flows of desktop applications based on application object properties rather than images. You can also select to click on Windows Control rather that image in the Mouse Click action.

Other important changes and improvements

  • new Control Tower and Platform Monitor
  • option to check the number of OCR pages left

Please read the release notes for more detail on all new features and improvements.
And feel free to post your comments and feedback here - it will help us improve RPA Express.

Best regards,
RPA Express Team



Quick question: two days ago I received a new mail from Workfusion with a download link. Today I received the announcement mail “RPA Express 2.0 is here!” with a registration option. Do we need to register again for Lumen or can we just use the download link we received two days ago?
And another question: the Outlook/mail automation didn’t make it into this release? :hushed:


Hi Tim, your existing link should work.

As for Outlook automation, we want users to try object recording/inspector, and then decide if they still need special actions for mail automation or if using object-recording for automating their mail agents will be enough. We have this feature in the plans, but it will depend on the user feedback.


Hi … I read the blog post on this release and it said that the new features will be available after the 30 day trial. I’m not sure that makes sense? Why would you need the pro subscription? This is the line from the blog post:

“Even if you choose not to get the subscription after the trial, you still get to use the cool new options that we have added to RPA Express 2.0”

Are we talking abut the object inspector being available after the trial period? It looks like any features related to running multiple bots and the new improved OCR will not be available.

Also, what is the cost of the pro subscription? I’m in the middle of a RPA POC at an insurance company and can’t really go much further with the evaluation until we can get accurate pricing. This includes any kind of additional OCR licensing costs. If we don’t go with the pro subscription, I’m not sure if we have the ability to update the OCR license. I think this was an issue with RPA Express 1.0, but not sure …

Mike L


@michael_lemens Yes, multiple bots and users are only available during the trial period and in the Pro subscription. New functionality like object-recording and the WorkFusion studio for coding is available in the free version. Please contact our sales team for information about the pricing from https://www.workfusion.com/rpa-express/

We usually try to release a version with an updated OCR license before the previous one expires, but sometimes there is a gap of several days. The license is for 1,000 pages and renews appr. every three months. How many OCR pages do you plan you will need for the POC?


Thanks for getting back to me … we have not established a requirement for total OCR pages at this time, just that we will be needing OCR. We just need to know what the OCR limitation is in the free version at this time. I’ll contact WorkFusion sales for pro subscription pricing. Thanks again … Mike L

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Why it’s in “30 days trial”??? Could please advise on the pricing criteria.




Hi @Lasitha_Wijenayake , could you please contact our sales team - they will provide you with all necessary details.

I didn’t understand your other questions about the trial, could you elaborate?


@sanjeevkumarXj We have updated documentation for the new features

We will start posting new training videos and will update the RPA Express course int he Automation Academy shortly.


@sanjeevkumarXj sure, I will.

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Symantec antivirus is blocking 2.0 version executable to launch.
detected as Virus…!


@kmkumar1 Yes, it is a known issue with Symantec, we are working to resolve it right now. You can allow the file to run, and it will install.


I changed the setting (Adding executable to exception) still, as soon as I download the file it is getting deleted by Symantec.


RPA 2.0 download questions:

  1. We are already working with RPA Express 1.4.0. Will the exisiting Bots still run?

  2. During installation of RPA express 2.0, some admin user name and password getting asked. What are they?

  3. Will RPA Express 2.0 only need 4GB of RAM, we will install same in a single PC only, not distributed one

  4. Is the distributed installation feature, with server in one machine and clients in 3/4 other PC, needs licensing?


Hi @supriyo_sarkar,

Here are answers to your questions:

  1. Yes, the existing bots will run and the existing recordings will be saved after you update to 2.0

  2. You have to create admin username and password during the installation. You will need it to access Control Tower, Platform Monitor, and File Storage.

  3. 4GB of RAM is enough for Workstation installation only, so it will only work if you have the server component installed on the server, to which the workstation will be connected. If you want to install RPA Express on a single PC, you will need Server + Workstation installation, and it required at least 8 GB of free RAM (and 1-2 GB for each additional bot, as well).

  4. Yes, it is available for free during the 30-day trial, after that you will need a license.


We would like to discuss about the pricing. Please share the email.We were specifically looking for if we have one license can we have one server and multiple workstations


Hi @supriyo_sarkar please fill in the contact form on our website, and our sales representative will contact you and provide pricing details.


Maintenance version 2.0.1 has been released.
Read the details in the release notes: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/RPA+Express+2.0.1

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