RPA Express not respond after stopped recording

RPA Express does not respond after finished recording. There is a message after force cancellation as attached. This issue somehow depend on Java version and configuration


Hi Osamu,

Please send us zipped recorder logs and screenshot of the C:\RPAExpress\Recorder folder.

Thank you.


i have a recording with 2277 lines, when i try to change variable settings or click on step it lags for a long time before i am able to select it and if i add a repeat function to the recording it throws error when it enters the loop. May i know what is happening? Is my laptop the issue?

I am using Intel i5-5200U @ 2.2GHZ and 8gb RAM

Hi Yong Jie,
This might be a factor. It can also be because of the actions in the script. Could you post your script here so we could see it in more detail?


I have attached the error message when i press on the variable in my recording.

Attached is screenshot of my recording, it is repeated for 50 times


Attached is my script.recording1-1511145052126_script.txt (324.5 KB)

Thank you, I’ve created a ticket for our support team.

Hi, may i know if there is any outcome from the support team? Thanks!