RPA Express Pro - Bot 0, RDP, and User Logins

If we are installing RPA Express Pro on a server, it states that Bot 0 “Runs under current user” and is NOT on the server. If we setup a system account for the server itself, it that the “user” that Bot 0 runs under? And for any scheduled processes, there is no need for any “human” user to be logged in via RDP, or in any other way. The server and it’s “user account” is the only log in required, and Bot 0 through n will be used as normal.

Hi Jim,

Bots 0 exist only on workstation machines to play recordings from the Studio, there is no one on the server.
On the server, you can run bots 1 to n, depending on how many you installed. It is possible to configure Bot 0, if required, though.

If the process is scheduled, there is no need for any user to log in to start it.
But the users that the admin created in Control Tower (that have workstations installed on their machines) can log into the server Control Tower from their machines and perform actions depending on their user roles (publish, edit, run business processes, etc.).

I hope I answered your question. If there is something else - let me know.

Thanks Alesia! Your reply explained things very well!!


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