RPA Express Problems (fix these in the upcoming update)

Hi, So many of us have been experiencing issues lately with RPA Express 2.0.
Seems like this program is full of glitches & still under developement environment.

Problems are:-

  1. When you put a longer wait at the end of the project say 5 min. & then you stop the recording under 3min , then you will not able to make any changes or run the project again until it runs for the next 2min more.

  2. Unable to find any conversion/calculations in the actions library.

  3. Error at almost every point; mouse click actions, switch windows, web element, scrolling issues & many others to list.

If you guys have a fix to it please lemme know as I’m not able to find any … Thnaks

Hi @pankaj858

Thank you for the feedback.

  1. The bot cannot stop in the middle of the started action, so if you stop the execution in the middle of the action, it will finalize it and stop before the next action. So if you stop in the middle of a long pause, it will have to wait for the remaining time in this Wait action.

  2. Could you please provide more details of what you need these action to do?

  3. Could you provide more details about the actions that fail?
    I hope I will be able to help.

Thank you.

2.um usually act as an inbuilt calculator, helps
3. you know already, we all know already that this technology is very sensitive that’s why error happens. So far I’m able to survive with new ways
4. please add a permanent save button so that we can work on it. Half the time we make changes & still unable to save such important steps. Im using export so far for this as save is disabled half the time & so does the refresh button. Please make them all time available.

  1. There are no such actions, but you can use Expression action to make calculations.

  2. We have several bugs in the current version that might cause most of these issues. We are planning to focus on improving the equality in the following months, so if you run into any other issues that haven’t been reported here please let us know.

  3. Are you referring to the Save button in the Recorder? It should be active any time you have any unsaved changes. If it is inactive there are no changes to save.


If you are not sure it works correctly you can use a short-key Ctrl+S to save the changes.